A Missouri Minute – 60 seconds with Woody Cozad

Many of you have mentioned that the weekly Missouri Minute podcast are interestingly not 1 minute in length, but rather around 30 minutes per episode. This is because we have been planning to release a more frequent, 60 second, show called The Missouri Minute Daily! While we are not quite ready to launch this new show, we do have a preview for all of you. Take a listen, and please leave us comments below on what you think.

I am the co-founder of StateSurge.com; a government transparency website that strives to deliver government data in a way that is useful to the people and help citizens interact with the government. I also work in Saint Louis, Missouri helping develope the technology needed in modern politics.
Larry Stendebach

2 Responses to “A Missouri Minute – 60 seconds with Woody Cozad”

  1. Joshua McDaniel says:

    The updates are informative, and I think a higher publishing frequency will be a nice expansion of the program. Typically, I listen to podcasts like this on my way to or from school/work via Google Listen on Android.
    In my opinion one minute is a bit short because it does not provide time for analysis of the issue presented. I feel that 5-10 minutes to discuss and analyze an issue such as Prop A’s implications for Missourians is more ideal.

  2. Carl Bearden says:

    Thanks for the feedback Joshua. We are working on various approaches to disseminating information.