ACTION ALERT: State Spends Stimulus Dollars on Liberal Film Festival!

The power of grassroots was recently demonstrated right here in Missouri! The state department of Social Services, Family Support Division, awarded almost $100,000 of borrowed stimulus money you, your children, your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying back with interest on the “Show Me Social Justice International Film Festival“!

After a grassroots activist spotted this atrocity, she contacted us to get the word out. We wrote a couple of blogs and notified several groups about this issue. After several phone calls to representatives and senators, the department decided the expenditure wasn’t appropriate and would ask for the money back. Problem is, they spent it already.

You can still make a difference on this issue. We need our elected officials to get some answers and our money back! Take a few minutes and participate in the Action Alert

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One Response to “ACTION ALERT: State Spends Stimulus Dollars on Liberal Film Festival!”

  1. Kyle Lewis says:

    I attended one of the movies for the Showme Film Festival and learned some information perhaps it would be wise to be aware about. I dont assume to know all the facts but here is what I do know. 25 people were hired and trained in catering which is what a majority of the dollars went towards. I dont know if it was a class or what however the lady in charge did state this. Reminds me of the events during the Great Depression in which government monies were used to build parks. The people attending the event had to pay for the catering and movies which the stimulus dollars did not wine and dine people with. This may have been a strange way to use the dollars however it seems a majority was spent on education and training people for jobs and providing jobs in this economic downturn.

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