Bill filed to thwart your vote on Prop A!

Rep. Tishaura Jones has filed a bill that would change the language in Proposition A to require local votes on earnings taxes every 20 years instead of every five years.

It’s legislation like this that in my mind reinforces the need for Proposition A. Voters approved language that required a vote every 5 years. Now, a politician is trying to scuff the clear line that voters drew in the sand.

I don’t think that’s what you all had in mind when you passed “Let Voters Decide”.

Jones maintains that this bill still holds true to the intent of Missouri voters, but I disagree. Having a regular vote to hold city officials accountable for how this money is being spent puts the power in the hands of voters. This bill would give politicians 4 times as long to spend our money without us having a say, and that diminishes our ability to hold them accountable.

There’s not much faith that this bill will get any traction this session, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it.

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2 Responses to “Bill filed to thwart your vote on Prop A!”

  1. M. Fox says:

    In KC the city gives money to community groups to attract “tourist” does that sound funny to you? It does to me.

    This is another way to control the citizens, and who chooses the group that receives the money? City Hall, so if you want more money for your little group you will have to support more taxes and city hall.

    What a racket.

    The citizens have spoken. Apparently Rep. Jones is not listening or doesn’t know about consensus! Please remind her what voter consensus means, thanks.

  2. M. Fox says:

    Just guessing, Jones is a black progressive gopher democrat who’s trying to protect entitlements, sweetheart city contracts, and politicians. Am I wrong? Did I leave anything out?