Missouri’s Wall of Shame

Today a minority of the Missouri legislature was successful in their attempt to let state government continue to collect surplus funds and spend our money rather than let us spend it. Despite the hardcore, real-world evidence that broad-based income tax cuts such as the very modest ones in House Bill 253 actually generate more government revenue, many let scare tactics determine their votes.

Several legislators admitted by their vote today that they did not know what they were voting for when they originally voted “YES” on HB253 by flip flopping their vote to “NO” on the veto override.  One has to assume that since nothing has changed since the original vote that these flip floppers either didn’t read the bill the first time or didn’t understand it. Either circumstance should have elicited a “NO” vote the first time.

Those voting NO indicated their support of Missouri’s stagnant economic status quo.

Below is the Wall of Shame. It contains the pictures of those who denied tax relief for all Missourians including two Democrats and twelve Republicans who did a John Kerry on Missourians voting for it before they voted against it.  The Kerryites are denoted by an “*”.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Wall has been updated since original publication. Rep Hodges inadvertently left off original)

HB253 Wall of Shame2

 The veto override vote on HB253 was just one battle. Although it did not end up with the required 109 votes (it received 94), it did establish a beachhead for the continued fight for a stronger Missouri through tax policy reform.

Missourians are now aware of what they are missing out on and it’s negative impact on our future economy. HB253 was a shot heard round the state. It’s only the first shot. Missouri will win the war of tax reform!




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24 Responses to “Missouri’s Wall of Shame”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I want us to get a written response from each of these explaining their vote. This is unsat.

    • Kyle Reid says:

      Thanks for posting this list, lest we forget come election time. I wonder if any of the flip-floppers will have the gall to refer to their original votes as examples of how they have “voted to let Missourians keep more of their hard earned dollars” come next election cycle.
      I urge all legitimate conservatives to get your names on ballots in 2014. The fees are usually minimal, and almost every elected position comes with pay and benefits. Every job is important and when held by the wrong person is a danger to our nation and our liberty. Whether you run for US Senate or your local school board, as a Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party, Independent (or even a conservative disguised as a Democrat), any seat that can be taken from those who would sell our freedoms is a step towards reclaiming this country.
      I most certainly have things I would rater do with 2-6 yrs of my life than be surrounded by politicians but, throughout the history of this nation there have been many who gave much more.
      These pages can show you how easy it is to get on a ballot.

  2. Mike says:

    Perhaps a petition drive is needed for recall.

    http://www.moga.mo.gov/statutes/C000-099/0770000650.HTM Limitations on recall

  3. Doug Edelman says:

    How I wish our representatives understood BASIC ECONOMICS. Tax cuts GENERATE revenue. They STIMULATE the economy. The 15 GOP nitwits need to be voted out as they don’t represent the constituency that elected them. Read, learn, share: http://www.examiner.com/article/debunking-economic-mythology It’s a year old, but as relevant as ever!

    • Gravelyvoice Jim says:


      Whether tax cuts do or do not generate revenue for the government should be IRRELEVANT to conservatives. Arguing “more revenue for the government” just puts conservatives on the same big-government plane as the statists on the left. Our counter to Nixon’s “it’s for the children and their schools'” campaign should have been to show where OTHER areas of the government could have been cut and shrunk to offset any potential decrements in education funding. A good place to start would have been the DOR which sent our gun records to DC – THIS might have been an issue that the rural Rs who voted with Nixon could have used to embrace an override vote.

      At the end of the day is there much difference between liberals or conservatives who are both arguing in FAVOR of increasing revenue to the government when that is effectively analogous to GROWING the government? NO! If we stick to the message of limited, small government we will win. When we muddy the waters and play on the left’s turf of what’s the best way to INCREASE government revenues we consistently lose. Let’s abandon the “grow government” message whether, it’s direct (from the left) or implied (from some on the right), and stick to a message of small, limited government with maximum local control. THAT message will eventually win if communicated effectively.

      – GVJ

      • Carl Bearden says:

        Generating more revenue for government was never a “defense” it is simply a fact. Letting people keep more of their money does in fact generate more revenue for government. It can’t be helped because personal spending stimulates the economy like government can never do.

        Conservatives should be fighting for less spending regardless of revenue availability. As the tax system is reformed eliminating taxation on prodcutivity (income tax), spending must be reigned in. That is how you get small, limited government.

  4. J says:

    As Jamie said these legislators need to be be eliminated through their primaries. They will never give you a true and honest answer knowing you are questioning their vote. Some of these so called Republicans will never vote conservative. They are Democrats with Republican clothes. They have been attached to schools and have been brainwashed into the liberal agendas with education ideology that more money equals better results. Or as they see it more money for the school board to use to further their own political aspirations, if only locally. Gannon is the biggest Republi-crat. Her past and present involvment with education and friends with Jay Nixon.

  5. Sue says:

    It was predictable hysteronic Alinsky BS class warfare! I was there, hard to listen to whiney Dems, some Republicans had sound & humorous response. Yes HB 253 was about helping business and people prosper, competing with other states. TX Perry smart to come & sell his state, take advantage of MO’s stupidity. He’s doing a good job for his state and people!

  6. Sue says:

    Eggheads want to ACT like economics is so complicated & above the peasants. However, all of you here and many good people in Govt. KNOW what to do! However, not enough SANE people without an agenda to get it done right!!! Govt at all levels should just be CUTTING and REPEALING garbage at this point. All surrounding states are adjusting to succeed. God save our country!!!!

  7. Gregory Linn says:

    Shat about State Rights?

    So, what you’re saying is: All but these fifteen legislators have voted to hand over Missouri Legislative prerogatives to the Department of Revenue and the foreign commission known as the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement.


    And allow the Federal Government through the Marketplace Fairness Act to demand Counties and Communities to hand over local taxation to the State Legislatures who have given control prerogatives over to the Streamlines Sales Tax Agreement commission and the other member States.

    If you want a national sales tax to replace all your state, county, city sales taxes, fine, I have no problem with that.

    Just trying to do it without discussion is a bit underhanded according to my way of thinking.

    • Carl Bearden says:

      Nope. While I am no fan of the streamlined sales tax initiative, your description is inaccurate.

      The streamlined sales tax is a compact between states. States can particiapte or not particiapte or even withdraw at their own discretion.

      The bill was not contigent on the Marketplace Fairness Act. It simply had a provision that if it was enacted, a further reduction in income tax rates would automatically go into affect to offset the increased state revenues generated from the Congressional action of taxing internet sales.

      It is a humorous suggestion these 17 people were voting for state’s rights.

  8. Herb Austin says:

    I feel that this bill was destined to fail from the start.
    The proponents, if you could find any, were ill prepared and confused about the bill.
    Why because the opponents were not.
    Here at the newspaper I receive dozens of press releases from every organization you could imagine. 95% of them were against the bill and documented their reasoning very well. However, biased and skimpy some of that may have been, it was out there.
    I spoke to our legislators in person and on the phone. They did not fully understand the bill. I spoke with our school superintendent on several occasions, before and after he had been to meetings about this bill. He was confused.
    When people are confused they tend to back off.
    I tried to offer rebuttals but could not find reliable sources that actually knew about the bill, both pro and con. Yes, every bill had good and bad for each viewpoint. And they are all confusing and embedded with superfluous rhetoric.
    We as conservatives must articulate our positions better, and back them up with logical, cognizant facts.
    We need to be at the immediate ready with a better answer why it should be done at every utterance of the opposition.
    That is the way we will inform people and not let the opposition rule the day.

    • Carl Bearden says:

      You are correct. Those at the government trough are usually well organized and resourceful to keep the slop coming. The info you and other media outlets received from groups really originated in the Govenor’s office. The bully pulpit is hard to overcome.

      However, I agree with you about doing a better job of getting the word out. A number of things were done to do just that but I think those actions should be reviewed and improved. The GrowMissouri coaltion distributed a wide range of information rebutting and refutting the false and misleading information being spread by the Governor and his big government allies. In many cases, media outlets refused to cover.

      I do think that a better job of reaching out to newspapers and communities like yours would be beneficial. I hope that you would be willing to sit down with some of us and give us a better idea of how to communicate messages to your type of markets better!

      • Herb Austin says:

        I would be happy to offer whatever I can. Just let me know.
        also, with what is going on at the federal level and the state level, we as conservatives will make no headway until we get as purposed and disciplined as the Democrats. Thay all speak with ONE voice. Of course that voice is carried over the airwaves for free. But, If we could get a single voice, we could deafen the noise from the left. We need to bring the tea party (Libertarian-lite)and the old guard to the middle with the majority and I really believe good things could start to happen.
        We need to send the RHINOS back to the jungle!

  9. Herb Austin says:

    I also wanted to say, when you want to take money away from a politician, you had better bring your A game.
    You have to want it to pass more than the opponents want it to fail. I don’t feel this was the case with this bill.
    As much as I wanted it to pass, wanting was just not enough.

  10. Rod Hoffman says:

    Defending hard working Missourians and standing up for quality education will never put you on a “Wall of Shame”. The GOP in Missouri has bigger problems than these seventeen legislators.

  11. Herb Austin says:

    I don’t see why all of the so called betterment for Missouri, coalitions and, united for Missouri groups come up with so many insignificant measures to sponsor while
    The real program that would be a meaningful piece of legislation would be make Missouri a RIGHT TO WORK STATE!!!!!

    Every state that is a right to work state has exploded with new businesses, economic growth.

    When this happens so many other problems like school funding, social services funding and much more just seem to fall in place.

    But, Right to Work is the elephant in the room. So many politicians, even conservatives, are so beholden to labor groups and lobbyist that they run and hide or try to pass
    A Right to Work “Lite”, that is nothing more than a band aid on a gaping wound.

    Some of the organizations like yours and many others should get together and let the voters know what a real achievement that could be.

    What about cutting state income tax out altogether along with a right to work, Wow, now there’s an idea.

    Come on, let’s be bold. Lets do something meaningful and start it now.

    If this is the “Show Me” state let’s Show ‘em.

    • Carl Bearden says:

      Herb – RTW and Income Tax reform go together. Tennessee people will tell you that without no income tax their RTW wouldn’t be as powerful.

      A Kansas legislator talked Tuesday in Jeff City about how they have had RTW for as long as he could remember – and he was no newby – but it wasn’t until they did tax reform that it really started to click.

      Oklahoma passed RTW in early 2000’s but again, until they started clicking their income tax reform in 2004 it wasn’t the powerful tool it can be.

      All that to say this, both income tax reform and RTW are necessary for an exceptionally prosperous future for Missouri.

    • Dustin says:

      Herb –

      I couldn’t agree with you more. While I truly wish that the veto of HB 253 would have overridden, I also think it didn’t go far enough as a tax cut bill. We need to pair passage of RTW with real income tax cuts to stimulate the Missouri economy!

      When are the Republicans going to start playing OFFENSE to win these important issues, versus just playing not to lose? As much as I despise the Democrats and their progressive base, I have to give it to them – THEY PLAY TO WIN, EVERY TIME.

  12. Patriot says:

    Thanks for the post! I will be sure to thank each one. They know Missouri already has the lowest tax rate and this hasn’t brought jobs. They knew the average Missourian would see a $6.00 gain/ refund.
    I haven’t seen your 990 EZ tax filing for 2011 or 2012 for United For Missouri.
    Your Executive Director earned in 2010 $24,000 for 30 hours. Just sayin!
    I can only imagine this is not really Grass Roots after the tons of money spent to wreck a Missouri that survived the last depression.
    Have a cup of Tea to your party–Cherrio!

    • Carl Bearden says:

      Please do. They will need whatever salve the handful of you that will do that can spread on them. The majority of people don’t agree with you.

      Your numbers are wrong but then I suspect it doesn’t really matter to you.

      As far as the 990 goes, you are wrong there too. It doesn’t say $24,000 for 30 hours. But then again, just a sympton and evidence of your analytical skills.