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The Wall of Shame Rides Again!

Perhaps you remember our little band of legislators on the Wall of Shame. They became members by giving Missouri taxpayers and small businesses the figurative finger by agreeing with Governor Nixon that letting those taxpayers keep more of their own money was a bad idea. Why the nerve of Missourians thinking they could possibly spend their hard earned money better than their state government! This past week they demonstrated why they earned their spot on the wall.

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The Jay Nixon Record – Part II

Recently we published a blog outlining Governor Jay Nixon’s less than stellar record of being upfront with Missourians. In true “the buck doesn’t stop here fashion” Governor Nixon ran from his record calling the video in the blog a “personal attack”. Knowing that the Governor’s record is less than stellar, I can understand why he would run from it!

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Nixon Administration Misleading Record

Governor Nixon is crisscrossing the state flying in a $5.6 million airplane the taxpayers purchased for him telling those same taxpayers that they should not be allowed to keep more of their money! The Governor is feverishly working against an override of his veto of House Bill (HB) 253. And he isn’t afraid to stretch the truth in doing so. No one should really be surprised that Governor Nixon would take that approach. It’s certainly been his modus operandi since he became Governor – and perhaps before. The Governor’s track record of claiming to know what is going on...

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