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Backdoor Health Insurance Exchange Update

Late last week, there was an attempt by the Missouri Health Insurance Pool (MHIP) to accept a $21 million grant to establish the Obamacare mandated health insurance exchange. Lt Governor Peter Kinder reported on the Dana Show about the activities that took place and references an executive order by the Governor to complete the action. Listen for the discussion at about 1:56 here.

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The People’s Reserved Power

There is a lot of emotional turmoil within the bubble of the legislature that something should be done to “fix” the initiative petition process. There are “improvements” that can be made to the IP process but none of them require a constitutional amendment to accomplish. None of the needed improvements would result in making the IP process unusable by citizens of Missouri but readily available to those with money as many proposals to “fix” the process do. This bubble turmoil is not shared by most Missourians. In a recent poll, when asked “Knowing that these proposals are intended to...

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