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Governor Nixon Continues to Mislead Public on DOR Scandal

Governor Nixon has been struggling with trying to get people to forget all about the fact their personal data is being scanned, retained and shared with others. Missourians are not willing to accpet the ever changing stories given to them by the Governor and his administration because they know the truth is yet to be found. United for Missouri has documented many of the various story lines the Nixon administration has trotted out to see if they would work. You can read about many of them here. You can also find videos and numerous links and documented evidence regarding...

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Response to Senate Subpoena on DOR Scandal

The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) delivered 16 boxes of unsorted, uncategorized and unsummarized data in response to a Senate Subpoena. They have told Senate leaders that there are 34 more boxes that are available. Rather than just produce documents that clearly answer questions, the Nixon administration has chosen to play games about what is or isn’t being done with our personal data that is being collected.

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Denial Tour in Full Force in DOR Scandal

Governor Nixon continues to deny that the Department of Revenue (DOR) scandal concerning the collection and sharing of personal data is a genuine concern to Missourians. He stated yesterday that the department says they aren’t doing it therefore it isn’t happening. Unfortunately, the department’s statements contradict themselves.

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Rogue DOR Scanning Scandal Hearings, Day Two

The Bipartisan Investigative Committee on Personal Privacy conducted the second day of hearings with only two witnesses. The Governor’s office refused to allow the witnesses who originally agreed to appear to attend because they were “too busy”. The Speaker issued a subponea for their appearance but a judge placed a temporary hold on it until a hearing is conducted.

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