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Have You Taken Action Yet?

Don’t let people fool you – House Bill 1329 is a tax increase! It will implement a tax that does not exist. At this time, nearly 123,000 people will receive a “taxes due” notice retroactively after already paying the existing state use tax. They will definitely tell you that it’s a tax increase.

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Solutions to the Car Sales Tax Increase

Next Wednesday the Missouri General Assembly will meet in the constitutionally mandated veto session. One of the bills that will be considered for an override is House Bill (HB) 1329. You can read a number of blogs fully explaining why the General Assembly SHOULD NOT override the Governor’s veto here.

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The Not So Level Playing Field Tax Increase

If you have been following the blog posts on the potential veto override of House Bill (HB) 1329, you know that there are many bad aspects that have come to light about the bill. While some people don’t like hearing or seeing it, the Governor nailed it in his veto message of the bill. I think it’s fair to say that most of these elements were not readily apparent when the legislature hastily passed the measure. The rush was ostensibly to create a “level playing field” for Missouri car dealers. Oh yeah, and to help cowardly local governments to take your tax money.

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