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Legislative Update 2014-01

The Missouri General Assembly has been in session for about a month.  This is the second regular session which means things move a little faster than when the new legislative body is convened. Today, we will take a look at some key areas making their way through the legislature. Tax Reform The Senate and the House are moving quickly on providing all Missourians a broad based income tax cut. The proposals range from those similar to House Bill (HB) 253 to some very simplified proposals. Senate Committee Substitute (SCS) for Senate Bill (SB) 509 is an example of a moderate tax cut...

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Real Jay Nixon Delivered State of the State Speech!

Last night, Governor Jeremiah Wilson Nixon re-introduced himself to the liberal wing of the national Democrat party (h/t Sen John Lamping) with a rousing, budget busting speech. Rousing that is if you are a believer that government is the solution to problems – despite the fact that government causes more problems than they solve!

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97th General Assembly – Part Deux

The legislature should pass a tax reform bill that provides tax relief to all Missourians and our small businesses. They should do it as early as possible in session so that Governor Nixon has the opportunity to show where he stands. He either supports the big boys or Missouri’s small busiensses.

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