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City Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Ban on Red Light Cameras!

Yesterday was a sea change all across America. The big government policies supported by President Obama — he said that was what was on the ballot — were rejected overwhelmingly by the American voters! Another overwhelming victory was claimed last night in St Charles County. By a vote of 69,456 YES to 26,218 NO a Charter amendment was adopted to ban automated traffic enforcement systems in St Charles County. 72.6% of voters said BAN the scameras!

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Will You Choose Liberty or Government Revenue?

The measure is simple and direct. The citizens of the County which includes every resident of every city will decide whether the use of automated traffic enforcement devices like red light cameras, speed cameras, etc. can be used in incorporated or unincorporated St Charles County. It does not give the County the authority to make traffic control decisions for any municipality in any way, shape or form!

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St Peters Officially Misleads Residents

But what struck me most was the blatant falsehood contained in their “graphic”. Here it is:
St Peters Stop SIgn Graphic
The graphic falsely claims that Proposition Red Light Camera will give the County the authority to remove stop signs in St Peters. The statement on the graphic is categorically, unquestionably FALSE! I don’t know who is responsible for it but they should lose their job for it.

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