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Update: Missouri Association of REALTORS® Deceptive Campaign Against Tax Reform

Several blog postings have been written about the deceptive campaign the opponents are running against the tax reform proposal known as the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act. I’ve also written about the seemingly unlikely primary funder of one of the anti-consumer groups, Missouri Association of Realtors (MAR), has played during the debate. MAR is the primary funding source for the group Missourians for Fair Taxation whose name is an antonym to their purpose.

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Tax Reform Opponents Seek to Deceive and Scare Seniors

The military academies and war colleges try to prepare attendees for conducting a successful battle strategy. Some of this includes deceptive measures and techniques designed to throw the enemy off the trail of the truth. The opponents of the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act tax reform proposal should apply for teaching the courses on deception. They utilize it a lot!

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