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Wrong Way Jay’s Turn Tonight

If you didn’t watch President Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) address last night you’re not alone. More people watch the Super Bowl, at least the commercials, than tune in to the President’s annual “it’s everybody else’s fault but mine — here take this from them” address! Tonight it is Governor Jay Nixon’s turn. He will be delivering the State of the State (SOTS). It’s similar to the SOTU — more Missourians will have watched the last Mizzou bowl game than will even think about tuning in to the SOTS. It’s also similar in that Wrong Way Jay will propose...

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Real Jay Nixon Delivered State of the State Speech!

Last night, Governor Jeremiah Wilson Nixon re-introduced himself to the liberal wing of the national Democrat party (h/t Sen John Lamping) with a rousing, budget busting speech. Rousing that is if you are a believer that government is the solution to problems – despite the fact that government causes more problems than they solve!

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Be Wary of What You Hear in the State of the State!

Governor Nixon will deliver the State of the State (SoS) address on Tuesday, January 21, 2014. The SoS usually contains a list of accomplishments and the Governor’s budget proposal. You can count on the fact that there will be some things left out of the address. For example, you will hear about all the promises to education and the proposed increased spending in the budget. What you won’t hear is that the Governor has asked the legislature to support a higher level of revenue than is supported by the facts to pay for those grand plans! You also are...

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The Wall of Shame Rides Again!

Perhaps you remember our little band of legislators on the Wall of Shame. They became members by giving Missouri taxpayers and small businesses the figurative finger by agreeing with Governor Nixon that letting those taxpayers keep more of their own money was a bad idea. Why the nerve of Missourians thinking they could possibly spend their hard earned money better than their state government! This past week they demonstrated why they earned their spot on the wall.

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