Missouri House and Senate Propose Another Expansion of Government

House Bill 1291 and Senate Bill 651 Establishes a New State Board to Regulate and License Home Inspectors 

The focus on stopping the expansion and growth in government is often focused on “big ticket” items, such as the Obamacare Insurance Exchange. Too often we miss the real bricks of the big government expansion, which are represented by smaller, more innocuous bills.

Two examples of this are House Bill 1291 and Senate Bill 651. These bills will result in an expansion of state government, yet are flying below most people's radars. Both bills seek to establish a new regulatory and licensing board for the home-inspector business sector. The bills are being pushed by industry groups and not consumers.

The House Professional Registration and Licensing Committee has already heard House Bill 1291. Senate Bill 651 has been referred to the Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee. Now is the time to stop this expansion of state government!

Your elected official needs to hear from you now! They need to know that not only is the expansion and growth of government by large programs unacceptable, but expansion and growth of government by small drips and drabs – as represented by these bills – is also unacceptable!

These bills have opposition in the legislature. Your action now can have a meaningful impact on the outcome of these bills!

You can send an e-mail to your representative and senator letting them know you oppose this government expansion. It’s especially important that members of the Professional Registration and Licensing committee hear from as many people as possible about their opposition to the bill. We have prepared an action alert for you to send to your elected officials to let them know of your support. Click here.

It’s clear that Missourians are not in favor of bigger government. Big government requires more resources, and those resources are not just in the form of taxes. They can be in the form of direct or indirect fees that are passed along to the taxpayers of Missouri! Act now by clicking here to stop this latest government expansion!

Thank you in advance for your participation. It will have an impact, especially if you act now. The House Committee may act soon, and the Senate Committee is likely to hear the bill shortly. Your action NOW will be effective! Click here.


Carl Bearden

Executive Director

United for Missouri

(888) 332-3811

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