URGENT: Largest Tax Cut in State History in Need of Your Help!

Let Your State Senator Know You Support a $1.2B Tax Cut!

I recently sent you an urgent request to sign a petition supporting a historical tax cut bill.

THANK YOU to all who responded but more needs to be done!

CLICK HERE to let your legislator know you SUPPORT the largest tax cut in state history!

Ask people who they think can spend their money more productively and sensibly, them or the government and most of them will tell you “them”!

Milton Friedman does an excellent job of explaining government’s OP(iu)M (Other People’s Money) problem here.

It’s clear that us spending our money in our communities does far more to stimulate the economy and make us all more prosperous than any government program could ever do. So, with Republican Super Majorities in the Missouri House and Senate, bills that result in Missouri taxpayers of all income brackets keeping more money should be a no brainer!

The largest tax cut in Missouri history, Senate Bill 617 sponsored by Senator Bill Eigel, was perfected (no more amendments can be made to it in the Senate) on Wednesday (3/28/18). To everyone’s surprise, it only took 20 minutes to perfect the $1.2 billion tax cut bill!

This should easily make it through Fiscal Oversight in the Senate and sent to the House for further debate.“Should” is the operative word.

SB617 WILL provide more money for the working poor and yes, those dastardly wealthy people. That’s the great thing about the bill, everyone gets to keep more of their money!

Here are a few of the things the bill does:

  • Largest tax cut in Missouri history providing tax relief to working families and individuals with additional cuts possible with state revenue growth in the future.

  • Sets reasonable revenue triggers based on ensuring sufficient revenue for the state’s needs, not wants.

  • Creates the working families tax credit which will ensure that working poor receive substantial tax relief.

  • Ends certain loopholes that historically have benefited the wealthiest in the state.

  • Missouri’s job creators, businesses and corporations, see rate reductions of 1%.

  • Increased infrastructure funding for repair of roads and bridges, largest since 1994.

  • Closes corporate loopholes used by out-of-state corporations sometimes to the disadvantage of Missouri businesses.

Bottom line, SB617 reduces the tax burden for almost every Missourian while ensuring responsible reductions are made to ensure the state is able to meet its obligations.

CLICK HERE to let your legislator know you SUPPORT the largest tax cut in state history!

Some Senators have expressed concern about the impact on the state budget. That’s a fair question that can easily be answered. 

SB617 is designed to be a balance of stimulating the economy by having taxpayers keep more of their money and the state having sufficient funds to perform its functions. Not only does the data show that the more money we keep and spend the better the economy is, but it historically shows the state collects more in revenue as well. Simple economic premise; the better taxpayers and our state businesses do economically, the more revenue generated for the state’s needs!

CLICK HERE to let your legislator know you SUPPORT the largest tax cut in state history!

Yes, we can and do argue about the state spending on certain things and whether that is appropriate or not. However, that’s a nut that is being cracked and removal of the heart of the meat is several steps down the line. The legislature is attempting to address these issues.

Here’s a good example of what needs to be done and is being proposed: Rep. David Gregory: Fiscal Opportunity Audit.

We need your help now!

We need you to contact your Senator and Representative and do so quickly to let them know that you support the largest tax cut in state history!

CLICK HERE to let your legislator know you SUPPORT the largest tax cut in state history!

Even if you signed the petition, CLICK HERE to let your Senator and Representative know you SUPPORT the largest tax cut in state history!

Your e-mail today will let them know you are watching them closely and that you can do a better job of spending your money than government can!

CLICK HERE to let your legislator know you SUPPORT the largest tax cut in state history!

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