UPDATED: Governor Nixon Thinks You are OK with Funding a New Football Stadium!


Governor Nixon now claiming he has the authority to issue these bonds without legislative or taxpayer approval! CLICK HERE to tell the Governor -- NO PUBLIC FUNDED STADIUM!

Governor Jay Nixon is working on his own version of the movie Frozen in which he is seeking to build a new NFL stadium for the Rams using taxpayer funds.  His version of the song goes like "Do you want to build a stadium? No? I'm going to do it anyway!CLICK HERE to tell the Governor -- NO PUBLIC FUNDED STADIUM!

The Governor's Commissioner of the Office of Administration, Doug Nelson, told the Senate Appropriations Committee that the Governor doesn't need legislative or taxpayer approval to issue bonds for a new St. Louis Rams stadium. You can imagine the furor that caused.

Yesterday, Senator Ryan Silvey submitted a request to Attorney General Koster for a legal opinion on the Governor's statement. Click here to read Senator Silvey's request.

Senator Silvey's opposition to a new taxpayer funded stadium is representative of the majority of legislators who have spoken out on the issue.  It also mirrors the rejection of the public funded stadium by likely voters in the St Louis region.

The Missouri Alliance for Freedom conducted a poll this week of likely voters in the St Louis region asking them about the stadium proposal. No surprise -- these likely voters overwhelmingly rejected the idea! Click here to see the poll results.

So, do you want to build a stadium? Governor Nixon says he can build it anyway! CLICK HERE to let Governor Nixon and you legislators know you DO NOT want to build a stadium!




Uses deceptive language indicating it will not cost taxpayers more! 

Governor Nixon appointed two individuals to come up with a proposal to keep the St Louis Rams in St Louis.  The action itself is not a bad thing. Keeping an NFL team in St Louis is a worthy objective. Where the wheels come off is when the proposal puts the taxpayers on the hook for $350-400 million plus!

The plan the Governor’s appointees came back with is a $985 million plan to build a 64,000 seat stadium and renovate blighted north St Louis City.  I like parts of the plan. It would be great to have the new stadium and the area in question back in action. 

What I don’t like is that the Governor and his appointees want you and me to be major investors in the project - without asking us.  They also engage in a very deceptive statement of trying to convince the media and us that it will not cost taxpayers more than we are paying now

The proposal would extend the current bonds on the Edward Jones Dome which will currently be paid off in 2021. The current payment is $24 million per year with the state taxpayers making $12 million per year of the payments and St Louis City and County taxpayers making $6 million each per year payments.  In essence, the St Louis City and County taxpayers are being double dipped!

CLICK HERE to let your Representative, Senator and Governor know you don’t want more taxpayer funding for stadiums!

The Governor supports a plan that will keep state taxpayers paying $12 million per year (St Louis City and County taxpayers paying double) way beyond the current bond pay-off date and taking on at least $300 million more in debt and somehow that doesn't cost the taxpayers more? Most Missourians will not see that as a good deal.  And they shouldn't.

CLICK HERE to let your Representative, Senator and Governor know you don’t want more taxpayer funding for stadiums!

It’s long been known that public funded stadiums do not pay their way. Dave Nicklaus hits the nail on the head in his observations about this proposal.

Dave Peacock, the former Anheuser-Busch president who presented St. Louis’ stadium plan Friday, tried to emphasize that the purse is not being opened very wide. He said Missourians won’t pay any more in taxes to finance the new building.

That may be true, but Peacock’s plan calls for raising at least $300 million by refinancing the bonds on the Edward Jones Dome. Stretching out the bond payments, probably for 30 years, represents a real commitment of public resources. Even if tax rates don’t rise, those bonds represent resources that can’t be used for other needs, such as roads or schools.

The financing plan, which calls for about half the stadium’s cost to come from public sources, is similar to the deal the Vikings are getting in Minnesota.

Their new stadium in Minneapolis is scheduled to open in 2016, with taxpayers bearing about half the $975 million cost.

New stadiums in Dallas, New Jersey and the San Francisco area involved smaller subsidies, but those teams’ owners didn’t have Kroenke’s sense of wanderlust.

St. Louis is being asked to pay dearly for the prestige of remaining an NFL city, so I think Peacock described his stadium plan accurately when he called it a “crown jewel.” A jewel can sparkle and make its owner feel good, but it’s hardly a productive use of half a billion dollars.

CLICK HERE to let your Representative, Senator and Governor know you don’t want more taxpayer funding for stadiums!

The good news is that the legislature has to approve any extension of the bonds.  That’s our opportunity to stop this madness! CLICK HERE to let your Representative, Senator and Governor know you don’t want more taxpayer funding for stadiums!

Let your legislators and Governor know that this is an unacceptable use of our tax dollars!


Carl Bearden

Executive Director

United for Missouri

(888) 332-3811

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