Author: Larry Stendebach

Former Speaker Pro Tem Calls for Resignation of Sen Maria Chappelle-Nadal

Press Release For Immediate Release Contact: Carl Bearden, Executive Director   Former Speaker Pro Tem Calls for Senator Chappelle-Nadal to Resign Jefferson City, MO – The following is the statement of former Speaker Pro Tem and current Executive Director of United for Missouri, Carl Bearden calling for the resignation of Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal. “I have known Senator Chappelle-Nadal since she was first elected to the Missouri House in November 2003. She has always been a passionate representative and senator often going right up to the line of acceptability in her passion but never quite crossing it, until now.” “An...

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Citizens Challenge “St. Charles County Narcotics Act”

Below is the announcement of a lawsuit filed by United for Missouri and residents of St. Charles County regarding the County’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) known as “The St. Charles County Narcotics Act”. This Act violates a number of constitutional protections and state statutes. All of us are at risk of having our prescription drug records disclosed to those not authorized to see them including hackers. If you are able to help us defray the cost of this lawsuit, please consider making a contribution to United for Missouri by clicking here. Your support is appreciated! Press Release For...

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Correct Obama’s Internet Takeover

The Obama administration was infamous for taking over everything and anything it could be Executive Order and over regulation. We have seen some of those issues overridden by the new administration but many are still left to be undone. One of those involves internet freedom and something called “net neutrality”. Net neutrality sounds good but it’s a disguise used to cover up the Obama administrations and large web companies deep pocket desires to make the internet a heavily regulated entity, basically a public utility. The fight to undo regulations that have allowed government to have far too much power...

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