Author: Larry Stendebach

Video – Why is Government Transparency Important to You?

Many of the recent blog posts on United for Missouri (UFM) have focused on transparency in government. But as a grassroots organizations, we want to know what Missouri citizens think, as well. So last week, we went to St. Louis and listened to what people on the street had to say about government transparency in Missouri.

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UFM Koster

Dear Attorney General Koster, Missourians spoke loud and clear on August 3rd when they said “YES” to Proposition C.  Now, opponents of Prop C have threatened lawsuits to overturn the people’s decision. As our Attorney General, we expect you to take every measure necessary to defend the vote of the people.  We expect that your office will provide the best and highest level of defense of the people’s decision. We understand the argument of the plaintiffs is likely to be that federal law preempts state law asserting the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution.  However, the enumerated powers given to Congress in Article I, section 8 of the US Constitution does not include individual mandates for the purchase of health insurance or any other product. We anticipate and expect you to take this issue and the argument of enumerated power to the US Supreme Court if necessary....

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Prop C: What Missourians Are Saying

Election day is upon us, and today all eyes from around the nation are fixed on Missouri’s Prop-C. The Missouri Healthcare Freedom Act has spurred much political debate; you have seen it on TV, heard it on the radio, and read it online, but have you seen what actual Missourians are saying?

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