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Author: Carl Bearden

I’m from the Government and I’m here to help!

Contact your Congressman Now   It’s been said that these are nine of the scariest words in America. We all know that government overreach and over-regulation is a burden to our businesses and way of life. So, any time we can eliminate government from the equation it’s a good thing, right? One such proposal gaining traction today is one that affects everyone who flies whether on airlines, business jets or plain old general aviation from two-seaters to powered hang gliders. The US House is proposing to take the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system and “privatize” it. Sounds good. Get government out...

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Correct Obama’s Internet Takeover

The Obama administration was infamous for taking over everything and anything it could be Executive Order and over regulation. We have seen some of those issues overridden by the new administration but many are still left to be undone. One of those involves internet freedom and something called “net neutrality”. Net neutrality sounds good but it’s a disguise used to cover up the Obama administrations and large web companies deep pocket desires to make the internet a heavily regulated entity, basically a public utility. The fight to undo regulations that have allowed government to have far too much power...

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