Author: Carl Bearden

MHA & Member Hospitals Continue Support of Big Government $$-Will Their Prices Go Down?

Reports of MHA member hospitals sending out newsletters and letters from hospital Presidents encouraging a “NO” vote on Prop C. Why? Because they contend you and I and other supporters of Prop C will drop our insurance so we can be covered by “others”. That is we will become “freeloaders”! The laughable thing is that all of us could do that before Obamacare.

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So, the Missouri Hospital Association and Member Hospitals Support Shoplifter Insurance Mandate?

Lots of interesting blog and e-mail traffic today with the MHA and their member hospitals launching their assualt on Prop C. The most disturbing fact is that they equate the cost of the uninsured and a federal government mandate to buy insurance as freedom. They either unknowingly or purposely confuse freedom with liberty. Only in a world where government is ruler does their assertions of more government equals more freedom make any sense.

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Vote Yes on Proposition C

By Carl Bearden, for the Beacon
Posted 8:51 pm Sun., 07.25.10
By Carl Bearden

On Aug. 3, all eyes in the nation will turn toward Missouri, as voters in the Show-Me State become the first anywhere to cast a ballot concerning the federal health-care plan foisted upon them. A “yes” vote on Proposition C – the Health Care Freedom Act – will tell the nation that Missourians have looked at this expensive, ill-conceived and unhealthy measure and rejected it.

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