Author: Mandy Lehnbeuter

United for Missouri Opposes HB1858!

House Bill 1858 is a big government mandate! House Bill 1858, titled “establishes a minimum biodiesel fuel content mandate for diesel fuel sold or offered for sale in Missouri,” is on the House calendar for perfection.  We at United for Missouri have no reason to believe that the bill is not well-intentioned, but maintain it is wrong for Missouri and the nation. This mandate will drive up costs for your constituents at almost every level.  Costs will rise at the grocery store for foods that use soybeans as an ingredient or in pet foods and other consumer products, All of these things and...

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Gaming – Vote NO!

The Missouri Constitution is clear when it comes to gambling. It clearly authorizes riverboat gambling on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers only, which includes artificial spaces that contain water and are within 1000 feet of waters edge. See it here.III Section 39(e). Riverboat gambling authorized on Missouri and Mississippi Rivers – boats in moats authorized. – The general assembly is authorized to permit upon the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers only, which shall include artificial spaces that contain water and that are within 1000 feet of the closest edge of the main channel of either of those rivers, lotteries, gift enterprises and...

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