The Cape Girardeau Tea Party hosted the American Revolution – Part 2 gathering this past Saturday.  I was honored to be a speaker and to listen to several other of those invited to address the gathering as well.  One of those speakers was the Cape Girardeau County Auditor, Pete Frazier.

Pete is a former educator and school administrator.  His assigned topic was, as you might expect, education. He made several great points and comparisons about things such as the difference between teaching and educating. One of the key points Pete made was the difference between “fair” and “equitable”.

Pete pointed out that a system guaranteed to be “fair” is designed to guarantee everyone gets the same outcome.  And he aptly points out there is no guarantee of “fair” in the US Constitution.

Conversely, he pointed out that “equitable” is in the Constitution.  Everyone is guaranteed the same “equitable” opportunity to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  While everyone is guaranteed the same “equitable” opportunity, they are not guaranteed the same outcome. The outcome is predicated on many things that vary by individual.

We hear a lot from the President about a “fair” tax code for example but he never proposes one. He does propose a re-distribution scheme but not a “fair” tax code.

A “fair” tax code would insure that everyone paid something in to the federal coffers instead of  51% not paying any federal taxes.  His definition of “fairness” is not equitable opportunity but taking from some and giving it to others.  That’s not fairness Mr.President!

No, the President doesn’t understand the difference between “fair” and “equitable”.  – but Pete Frazier and many grass roots patriots do!