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When the “Rule” Becomes the “Exception”

As we approach the 243rd celebration of the Declaration of Independence, our country seems to be more divided than united. While many may think that the division is “new,” or caused by a political figure they don’t like, it’s not. The people in the American Colonies were also divided in the days leading up to and through the American Revolution.

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URGENT: Largest Tax Cut in State History Needs Your Help!

It’s clear that us spending our money in our communities does far more to stimulate the economy and make us all more prosperous than any government program could ever do. So, with Republican Super Majorities in the Missouri House and Senate, bills that result in Missouri taxpayers of all income brackets keeping more money should be a no brainer!

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Decline to Sign

The “Clean Missouri” political action committee is the driving force behind an unparalleled attempt to change the political paradigm in Missouri. The adage “if you can’t win the game, change the rules” seems appropriate to this endeavor.

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Sgt. Joe Friday: Just the Facts, SB564 Grid Modernization

There are those who agree and those who disagree with the bill and the need to accelerate modernization of our electrical grid. That’s completely understandable and part of the process. However, agreement or disagreement on the issues should be based on the facts, the actual provisions of the bill, and not on the way we might want or not want it to be or personal feelings for or against a utility. I, personally, would much rather this effort start the deregulation of our highly regulated utility (gas and electric) system. But it’s not.

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Most of You Will Agree!

We know that the vast majority of Missourians regardless of party, ethnicity, or geographical location believe there is significant waste, fraud, and abuse in state government.

What they don’t necessarily agree upon is what that waste, fraud, and abuse looks like.

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