United for Missouri’s Future and United for Missouri share approximately 66,000 members statewide as of September 30, 2012. Our funding comes from the support of these members.

Board policy for both organizations is that we do not reveal members nor donors. At one time this policy was to protect against liberal/progressives who would use the information to go after members and donors directly either at or through their business or even personally.

Sadly, some who say they are conservatives have started to use the same tactics employed by the liberal/progressives in attacking those who may not agree with them. We have seen it happen on more than one occasion.

The fact is neither organization takes money to “be” for something. Our mission is well defined and can be boiled down to issues revolving around fiscal policy and limited government.

We ask our members to identify issues on the state and local levels that they believe should be investigated and perhaps become an issue that the organizations will educate, communicate and activate grassroots about and on. We receive a large number of suggestions many of which deal with issues we are already tracking and executing the elements of our mission.

Anyone is welcome to donate to either organization. You can do so by clicking here. You can make a tax deductible contribution to United for Missouri’s Future’s educational role or a non-tax deductible contribution to United for Missouri’s advocacy role.