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The television was on with the news that a plane had flown into one of the Trade Center towers. Having flown into New York area airports for several, most recently the month before, I thought that strange that a plane could be that far off course.

United For Missouri’s Mission

United for Missouri is committed to educating and mobilizing citizens about the impact of economic policy in their local communities and in the state.

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UFM Sues Office of Administration

“The state has an obligation and statutory duty to be transparent with citizens.,” said Carl Bearden. “Citizens have the right to request and access information outlined in statute. The state must deliver the requested information. They have failed to do so on several accounts.”

When the “Rule” Becomes the “Exception”

As we approach the 243rd celebration of the Declaration of Independence, our country seems to be more divided than united. While many may think that the division is “new,” or caused by a political figure they don’t like, it’s not. The people in the American Colonies were also divided in the days leading up to and through the American Revolution.

United for Missouri Releases New Poll

Jefferson City, MO – Carl Bearden, CEO of United for Missouri released new polling that shows strong support for Redistricting Reform among Missouri voters.  CLICK HERE for poll results.  “My organization believes fixing redistricting reform should be a...

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