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Each year, United for Missouri selects bills that fall within the fiscally responsible, limited government mission of the organization. Bills are selected without regard to how any particular legislator voted. The bills scored have been voted on by both chambers or by one or the other chamber.

This year, we have added two bills that would not normally be evaluated under the areas above, House Bill (HB) 126 and Senate Bill (SB) 275.

HB126 is the Pro-Life Bill. It was chosen to provide the contrast for many legislators who claim to be conservative because they vote "pro-life" or "pro-gun." Voting in support of these two issues does not make one conservative if the remainder of the votes is not. It just makes you right on those issues.

SB 275 is an example of several bills this year that was sent to the Governor that violated Article III, Sections 21 and 23. These constitutional provisions are supposed to prohibit more than one subject in a bill and that the title reflects that original subject. SB275 was chosen as one of the more egregious examples of ignoring the constitutional provisions. Again, not an indicator of being conservative, but it is easy not to pay attention to this, which they should!

The purpose of our scorecard is to give Missourians specific information about how their elected state legislators are voting. It's up to each one of us to hold our legislators accountable.

We encourage you to review the scorecard, see how your State Representative and State Senator voted on the various issues. If you don't agree or wonder why, please take the time to ask them. They may give you a political answer, a soft show dance answer, or they may give you a satisfactory answer that makes you say, "I can see that."

If you think they did well, thank them!

If you don't think they did well, tell them that too!

Whatever the outcome of your question, the fact you and others took the time to ask and hold them accountable and that you are paying attention, will have an impact!

We hope you find the scorecard information helpful. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

See House of Representatives | See State Senators

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