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Each year, United for Missouri selects bills that fall within the fiscally responsible, limited government mission of the organization. Bills are selected without regard to how any particular legislator voted. The bills scored have been voted on by both chambers or by one or the other chamber.

Absences are counted against legislators on bills that were scored. The primary function of a legislator during session is to vote on key issues. Things do happen but unless there is some sort of documentation, we cannot presume an absence to be excused.

The scorecard is color coded in two areas for quick assessments.

The first area is the overall score with A's dark green, B's light green, C's blue, D's brown and F's red. You can quickly look at the overall scores in both the House and Senate and get an idea of how they lay out.

The second area of color coding is when you click on a Representative's or Senator's first or last name you will be taken to their specific page. It will contain general information regarding their district, party, limited bio and scores/grades. Below the general information, you will find how the specific bills evaluated, the UFM position on the bill and how the particular legislator voted on each bill. You can tell by quick glance which votes matched the UFM position (Green = voted with the position, Red = voted against the position).

The scorecard data can be sorted on any heading listed. If you want to sort by letter grade, simply click on the GRADE column and they will be sorted from highest to lowest. The same for all the columns.

The scorecard represents what we believe to be an accurate picture of your Representative's or Senator's general positions on issues. The scorecard is intended to inform and to stimulate a dialogue between you and your elected official. We encourage you to engage your elected official in a discussion about their score.

If they did well, thank them!

If they didn't do well, ask them why they voted the way they did on the bills in question. They may be able to provide an answer to you that justifies voting against the UFM position. The important thing is to engage them in that discussion.

We hope you find the scorecard information helpful. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

See House of Representatives | See State Senators

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