Jeff Shawan

Republican        District: 153        Score: 57.9%        Grade: F

Representative Jeff Shawan, a Republican, represents all of Carter and Ripley counties, and parts of Butler and Wayne counties. He was elected to his first two-year term in November 2018. Born in Cape Girardeau, Rep. Shawan currently lives in Poplar Bluff with his wife, Christy. They have three children.

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Voting History

Bill Name Description UFM Position Vote
HB126EIGHTWEEK ABORTION BAN This bill specifies that an abortion shall not be performed on a woman and her baby at eightweeks gestational age or later except in cases of medical emergencyYY
SB275UNCONSTITUTIONAL MULTI SUBJECT The original purpose of Senate Bill 275 was relating to health care but the final version of SB 275 included multiple subjects The Missouri Constitution says in Article III Section 23 that No bill shall contain more than one subject which shall be clearly expressed in its titleNA
CCR#2SCSHCSHB3ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT INSTATE TUITION Conference Committee Report 2 for House Bill 3 corrected a violation of Federal law that would have provided funding for Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals DACA students After some resistance from a few Republican and Democrat Senators CCS2 was adopted prohibiting the funding for illegal immigrantsYY
HB188NARCOTICS CONTROL ACT This bill would have established a prescription drug monitoring program It requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to create a program that monitors the prescribing and dispensing of all Schedule 2 3 and 4 medicationsNY
HB220TAXATIONS RELATED TO PROPERTY AND WIND ENERGY This bill specifies that if local and long distance telecommunications services subject to sales tax are aggregated with and not separate from charges for telecommunications service or other services not subject to the tax then charges for nontaxable services may be subject to taxationYY
HB374MODIFIES LOCAL TAX PROVISIONS This bill requires after August 28 2019 any political subdivision imposing a sales tax increase that requires voter approval to place on the ballot the highest cumulative sales tax rate within the political subdivision if the measure passes the lowest cumulative sales tax rate within the political subdivision if the increase is enacted and the average cumulative sales tax rate within the political subdivision if the increase is enactedYY
HB445LOCAL GOVERNMENT LOBBYIST GIFT BAN This bill prohibits all types of lobbyists from making any expenditure for local government officials superintendents school board members members of governing bodies of charter schools their staffs and specified family members Local government lobbyists may make expenditures for events where all members of a particular political subdivision or all members of the General Assembly are invited Employees of these entities may engage in lobbying activities as part of their job descriptionYY
HB677CORPORATE WELFARE FOR SPORTS TEAMS This bill authorizes 70 million in new subsidies to help pay for renovations to the St Louis Blues stadium It also authorizes 3 million per year more for the stadiums used by the Kansas City Royals and Kansas City ChiefsNY
HB762ONLINE MUNICIPAL EXPENDITURES Bringing accountability and sunshine to local governments this bill would have established a searchable database accessible to the public that would show extensive information on how municipalities spend tax dollarsYN
HCB7CONTRACTS FOR SUPERINTENDENTS This bill would have required every superintendent and assistant superintendent to enter into a written employment contract with a school district before beginning employmentYY
HCB10INITIATIVE PETITION REFORM This bill would have required a 350 refundable fee to be deposited into the newly created Petition Trust Fund for filing an initiative petition with the Office of the Missouri Secretary of StateYY
HJR48REDISTRICTING REFORM Upon voter approval this joint resolution would have required the creation of independent bipartisan citizens commissions draw districts lines during the redistricting process It further would have required that newly drawn legislative districts should be composed of contiguous territory as compact as may be such that they approximate squares rectangles or hexagons to the extent permitted by natural or political boundaries It also establishes various ethics provisions such as a lobbyist gift banYY
SB7TORT REFORM By reforming the states venue and joinder laws this bill cuts down on venue shopping a method used by litigious lawyers to find courts that will give them the most favorable judgmentsYY
SB21TAX INCREASES This bill authorizes certain localities to propose incremental tax increases not allowed under lawThis will likely encourage local governments to do so when they otherwise wouldntNY
HCSSB68CORPORATE WELFARE Corporate welfare is bad policy It creates more bureaucracy more lobbyists more government spending all at the expense of taxpayers and it allows politicians to pick winners and losers This is unfair This bill authorizes up to 50 million in tax breaks for General Motors to expand its existing assembly plant in Wentzville MO It also contains a disturbing earmark for one particular company in Kansas City that could cost taxpayers over 300 million It creates a closing fund to lure businesses to Missouri which has been called a slush fund in other states where they existNY
SB174CLEANING UP THE TAX CODE Tax targeted tax incentives are generally bad policy This act disallows the tax credit designed to compensate for the franchise tax Missouris law allows a tax credit for banking institutions to compensate for franchise taxes paid by banking institutions and a tax credit if and when the corporate franchise tax is repealed The corporate franchise tax was repealedYA
SB213STATE DEMOGRAPHER The newly created government position of state demographer was established in the Constitution by initiative petition The demographer was not subject to ethics and conflict of interest provisions financial transparency measures and gift bans for the demographer and hisher family This act ensures good governance by subjecting the demographer to these rules as well as a twoyear ban on becoming a lobbyist after the demographer leaves the positionYY
SB333HIGHER LOCAL TAXES This bill doubles the maximum tax rate from 025 to 050 that certain municipalities can propose to voters to pay for fire protection services The MissouriNY
SCR14MORE DEBT FOR HIGHWAYS This resolution authorizes and directs the state to issue 301 million in new debt not backed by dedicated revenue to pay for the construction and repair of bridges in MissouriNY
SJR14TERM LIMITS FOR STATEWIDE OFFICEHOLDERS Missouri already has term limits for governor and state treasurer but this resolution proposes that voters approve of term limits for all statewide officeholders including lieutenant governor secretary of state state auditor and the state attorney generalYY