By Mark Flakne of Keep Columbia Free


If you have yet to see the film Please Remove Your Shoes, do yourself a favor and grab a copy. The filmmakers have coined the term “Security Theater” to describe the useless and intrusive practices of the TSA. The recent addition of body scanners that provide screeners with a detailed look at your genitalia while bombarding your body with cancer-causing x-rays has people from all sides of the political spectrum up in arms. If you refuse to submit to the body scanner, your only option is to be literally felt-up. Your choice is to show your genitalia to the TSA or let them fondle your genitalia.

Recently some interesting and ultimately alarming videos of the TSA screening process have made it to the internet.

This first video from CW39 News shows a TSA goon attempting to fondle a child all in the name of safety. If you are a parent, be prepared to be sickened.

Another incredible series of videos was shot by a blogger known as JohnnyEdge. Johnny was randomly singled out for a body scan or “porno scan” as he so aptly calls it. After refusing to show his genitals to the TSA he is told he will have to submit to having his genitals groped by a screener. When Johnny refuses to allow a screener to touch his penis he agrees to leave the airport without flying. After he receives a refund for his ticket, Johnny is stopped by TSA personnel and threatened with legal action for refusing to submit to a groping. The videos from his ordeal are included below or you can visit his blog for the full story. Be sure and make it to the last video that shows Johnny trying to leave the airport and being harassed by a TSA officer in a suit.

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