Election day is upon us, and all eyes from around the nation are fixed on Missouri’s Prop C. The Missouri Healthcare Freedom Act has spurred much political debate; you have seen it on TV, heard it on the radio, and read it online, but have you seen what actual Missourians are saying?

Part of United for Missouri’s goal is to spotlight grassroots issues and and give a voice to grassroots advocates … and the advocates of Prop C are speaking their minds on election day. Thanks to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, we can  listen to what these Missourians say is a real priority for them, their families and their state.

Let’s take a look at what Prop C advocates from around the state are saying on twitter:

midmo912: Missourians, today VOTE YES on Prop C

tylerjkelley: Who’s voting today? I’m siding with my state’s sovereignty and votingYes on Prop C! #stl #electionday #vote

pinnie99: RT @1crazystlgal: Just Voted:) Polling place was busier than the Presidential election! Voted Yes on Prop C and said No to Obamacare!

kustomkate: RT @misteng: RT @velvethammer:It’s primary day in Michigan, Kansas & Missouri – Get out & VOTE MO vote yes on Prop C the “Health Care Freedom Act” #tcot

kbohlender: Vote early and vote often. Just kidding, but please DO VOTE!!!!! YESON Prop C is a NO to Obamacare!

ReneeCrandall: a reminder to my Missourian friends that its voting day! (vote yeson prop C for healthcare freedom!)

nichols120: RT @DLoeschYES ON PROP C: http://bit.ly/cCGNzb (expand#tcot #stl#mo

TheHaunestTruth: Just voted #RoyBlunt and Yes on Prop C #missouri #vote#primary

1crazystlgal: Just Voted:) Polling place was busier than the Presidential election! Voted Yes on Prop C and said No to Obamacare!

justsayes: Just got back from putting my pencil where my mouth is..I VOTED!! MO Voters, vote YES on prop C…Keep Obama care OUT of your state!

uncle_sam1776: RT @DanStlMo Headed to the polls to vote Yes on Prop “C” BBL#stl #mo #tcot <> Good luck to all of U in Missouri. #POTUS U better take note!

TheHaunestTruthYes on Prop C today folks #missouri #vote #primary

DLoeschYES ON PROP C: http://bit.ly/cCGNzb (expand#tcot #stl #mo

Dewarsplz: Vote YES on PROP – C today in MO! #repealhcr

SallyW_MO: RT @United4MO: More than hot already! Polls slow. Be sure to vote for real conservatives & YES ON PROP C! #unitedformissouri #u4mo

Danstlmo: Headed to the polls to vote Yes on Prop “C” BBL #stl #mo #tcot

Maura935: Vote Yes on Prop C in Missouri Aug 3rd – http://tinyurl.com/3y8w3j8(expand)

klbehr: vote yes today on prop c.

Told_You_So_: RT @Gisgatt6: If your in Missouri **VOTE YES ON PROP C**!!

The same outcry of support for Prop-C is commonplace on Facebook:

Connie Thompson Today’s the day to “Take America Back”…Vote “YES” on Prop-C if you DO NOTwant Obamacare!! Carnahan selects the wording on the propositions, and she has done her best to confuse people, so remember…..Vote “YES” to say no to Obamacare on Prop-C

Amanda S Thelen Don’t forget to vote tomorrow for prop.C all eyes will be on Missouri

Patrick Roach vote yes on prop.c aug 3

Kyle Mitch McClaskey If anyone lives in O’Fallon, then vote for my Brother Kurt Bahr (running for state rep). Everyone else, just be sure to vote yes on Prop C

Shawn Lincoln YES I DID!!!!! I voted conservative and yes on prop C. Now if everybody else would wake up and smell the coffee we shouldn’t have any problems getting the country back on the right track!

Jared Totsch Voted YES on Prop C, and encourages everyone else who is registered to vote in Missouri to do the same.

Hawkins Insurance Group wants to encourage everyone to go out and vote today. Also remember Prop C is very important and Yes means No on the National Health Insurance in Missouri.

Andrew Phillips My wife and I just cast our ballots for Mr. Charlie Davis and voted yes onProp C!

Joey Candillo Just voted today. In Missouri, if you vote YES on Prop C, and if it wins, then Missouri residence will be exempt from Obama Care.

Jim Moran Don’t forget to VOTE today!! Also, vote YES on Prop C and tell Washington they need to obey the Constitution which Forced Health Insurance isn’t a part of. Anyway, just VOTE how ya like, and while we are still FREE to do so.. 🙂

These excerpts from Twitter and Facebook where taken directly from the first two result pages of Facebook and Twitter search at the time this article was written, and dozens more are pouring in every hour. United for Missouri is committed to giving a voice to the issues Missourians care about, and we are hoping to hear from you. If you have an issue or comment you would like to discuss, send us a tweet @United4MO on twitter or email us at carl@unitedformissouri.org.