The 2015 Legislative Scorecard is now available.
Each year, United for Missouri selects bills that fall into the fiscal responsible, limited government mission of the organization.  Bills are selected without regard to how any particular legislator voted.  The bills scored have either been voted on by both chambers or by one or the other.
The bills are assigned weighted values.  For example, HB116 and Medicaid Expansion votes carried the highest weighting.  The Veto Override vote on HB116 will be scored and will carry up to half the total points available. It’s that important to Missouri’s economic future!
Absences are not counted against legislators on bills that were scored but the value of that bill’s score is subtracted from the total score available. No one with an absence on a scored bill can receive a 100% score as they did not vote on all bills.
Here are the bills scored, a brief description and the vote necessary to obtain the maximum score:
Rated Bill Description Score Vote:
HA16HB11 Medicaid Expansion Amendment to expand Obamacaid NO
HB116 Employee Freedom Brings employee freedom to Missouri making the state competitive with 25 other states seeing job creation, wage increases and population growth YES
HB130 Prescription Drug Database Establishes state run database of prescription pain drugs taken by all Missourians. NO
HB150 Unemployment Reform Restores incentive to find a job after being unemployed. YES
HB207 Eliminates RLC’s Eliminates the use of red light cameras. YES
HB42 School Reforms Addresses the cost and impact of transfer students on neighboring districts and establishes more accountability. YES
HB714 Allows taxing of cell phones for local 911 Allows local government to place cell phone tax on ballot. state voters have turned down issue 3 times. NO
HB722 Prohibits Plastic Bag only and Local Minimum Wage Prohibits out of control politically correct local government ordinances. YES
HJR34 State Spending Limitation Caps general revenue spending increases to inflation plus population. YES
SA 2 SB210 Medicaid Expansion Amendment to expand Obamacaid NO
SB14 Transparency Portal Expands spending data available on the Missouri Accountability Portal YES
SB190 Removes KC transportation sales tax sunset Removes sunset on tax but does not require a new vote on the tax. NO
SB239 MedMal Reform Restores reasonable limits on medical malpractice claims YES
SB24 Modifies Welfare Benefits Requires the “work” portion of Welfare to Work to Missouri’s program. YES
SB330 Prohibits Unilateral Bond Extension Removes any doubt that Governor does not have the authority to “extend” existing stadium bonds in St Louis to build new stadium. YES
SB433 Balanced Budget Amendment Compact Missouri would join in call for Federal Balanced Budget Amendment YES
SB63 Prescription Drug Database Establishes state run database of prescription pain drugs taken by all Missourians. NO
This year, the House had several members who scored 100% (11) and four (4) more who would have received 100% if they hadn’t been absent on a vote.
2015 House 100
The Senate would have had two (2) members who scored 100% but they each missed a vote.
2015 Senate 100
More details on the 2015 Legislative Scorecard are available in the following searchable files.

2015 House Scorecard Summary

2015 House Scorecard Summary by Score

2015 House Scorecard Detail

2015 Senate Scorecard Summary

2015 Senate Scorecard Summary by Score

2015 Senate Scorecard Detail


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