We reported in our blog posting, Missourians Should Remind Attorney General Koster: “You Work for Us!”, that we should be concerned about whether or not Attorney General Chris Koster could be counted on to defend the 71% vote on Proposition C.  His record in defending our state sovereignty and our individual Constitutional protections has been dismal.

We pointed out that Attorney General Koster has refused to join with 22 other Attorney Generals around the country as they filed lawsuits against the Federal Government’s intrusion on state sovereignty.  It would have been great if Koster’s reason had been that he didn’t think the other 22 Attorney Generals had attacked the right elements in their lawsuit and he had a better idea!  He didn’t.

Instead, he essentially said that he didn’t have any business suing the Federal Government on the issue.  Somehow, the person we elected to be our state’s attorney doesn’t think it’s important to stand for the US Constitution’s restriction on the federal government even though he took an oath to do so.  STRIKE ONE.

 You might be saying to yourself, “how could Attorney General Koster possibly do anything worse?”.  Well let’s take a look at STRIKE TWO.

Attorney General Koster filed a motion in federal court to have Lt. Governor Kinder removed from the lawsuit he (Kinder) and a number of constituents filed against the federal government takeover of our health care.  The Lt. Governor filed the suit as the senior advocate that the Missouri Constitution identifies as one of his duties.  He never represented that he was suing on behalf of the state but it apparently made Attorney General Koster look bad. As a result, AG Koster filed a motion to have the Lt. Governor removed from the lawsuit and stop him from making it look like Koster wasn’t doing his job, which he wasn’t.  STRIKE TWO!

Now we read an AP report  in the Southeast Missourian entitled Mo. AG withdraws motion in health care lawsuit.Several explanations exist for the AG’s withdrawal aside from the fact that the motion was ill-conceived in the first place. 

One explanantion could be the overwhelming 71% approval of Prop C! The Attorney General apparently believed the e-mails he was receiving from MoveOn and Organizing for America aka Obama for America that Missourians really did like Obamacare and that he was only hearing from the “minority”. 

Or, perhaps he believes as Senator McCaskill does that we are simply ignorant about how good Obamacare is for us!  Either way, he (and she) are absolutely wrong!

Or, it could be the fact that we’ve been getting a huge response to our petition,  where Missourians are letting the AG know they expect him to do his job in representing us against the coming lawsuit to overturn the Prop C results.  It’s been our most popular petition so far and has gotten a lot of play across the state. 

Turns out STRIKE TWO was a FOUL TIP.  The problem for Koster is the fact a foul tip is still a strike!

Regardless of the “real” reason he dropped his motion, it’s important to make sure the AG knows we are paying very close attention to make sure he does more than just enough to lose.

 Be sure to listen our next blog radio broadcast as we hope to have Rep. Tim Jones on with us to discuss how the AG can do just enough to lose the case for “We the People”.

If you haven’t signed the petition or know someone who hasn’t, please send them to the website to sign it.  We will be making the final delivery in the next couple of weeks.