Yesterday was a sea change all across America. The big government policies supported by President Obama — he said that was what was on the ballot — were rejected overwhelmingly by the American voters!

Another overwhelming victory was claimed last night in St Charles County.  By a vote of 69,456 YES to 26,218 NO a Charter amendment was adopted to ban automated traffic enforcement systems in St Charles County. 72.6% of voters said BAN the scameras!

Election Results

The cities mounted a vigorous, cough-cough, educational campaign against the amendment. They say it was the County usurping City authority and would allow the County to control stop signs and double fine zones etc. Both accusations are baseless and inaccurate.

County voters, 3/4’s of which reside within city limits, made this decision. It only applied to automated traffic enforcement devices such as red light cameras and speed cameras and absolutely nothing else! It didn’t change any other provision of the Charter regarding County/City control of anything.

And since 3/4’s of county voters live within the city limits, then one would expect that of the 69,456 YES votes that 52,092 votes were cast by city residents.  Will the cities carry out their threat to sue the “county” over the vote? If they do, they will lose as the Constitution and Charter are on the side of the amendment and they will be suing their own citizens.  Good luck explaining that to your residents!!

Fact is automated traffic enforcement devices are merely money makers. There are many other ways to improve intersection safety without their use.  The cities need to get on board with doing that and accept the will of their residents to ban such devices!

Congratulations to the St Charles Citizens for Safer Roads and all the grassroots who worked to make this a reality.  Thanks for showing us you really can beat city hall!