The Obama administration was infamous for taking over everything and anything it could be Executive Order and over regulation. We have seen some of those issues overridden by the new administration but many are still left to be undone. One of those involves internet freedom and something called “net neutrality”.

Net neutrality sounds good but it’s a disguise used to cover up the Obama administrations and large web companies deep pocket desires to make the internet a heavily regulated entity, basically a public utility. The fight to undo regulations that have allowed government to have far too much power over the internet’s development rages on. Excessive regulation has caused investment in key internet infrastructure to plummet leaving rural areas in Missouri and across the country with no or very poor internet services. Red tape and regulatory uncertainty have made it difficult for companies to invest in innovation.

Today, many of those in favor of these excessive government regulations are holding a day of action. They want Congress to keep the internet boxed up and regulated. There’s nothing neutral about that!

And if over-regulation by government isn’t enough to spur you on, perhaps knowing that over 70% of the non-profits supporting the “Day of Action” have been funded directly by George Soros, his Open Society Foundation or one of his many affiliated groups.

(DISCLOSURE: United for Missouri has received NO funding to oppose this unnecessary, over-regulation.)
But you can make a difference today!

Please call your local Member of Congress and let them know they should support Chairman Pai’s calls to take a more responsible approach to the internet and pass legislation ensuring the FCC gets out of the way of this growing industry.

Congressman Clay – 202-225-2406
Congresswoman Wagner – 202-225-1621
Congressman Luetkemeyer – 202-225-2956
Congresswoman Hartzler – 202-225-2876
Congressman Graves – 202-225-7041
Congressman Cleaver – 202-225-4535
Congressman Long – 202-225-6536
Congressman Smith – 202-225-4404