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Contact: Carl Bearden, Executive Director


Former Speaker Pro Tem Calls for Senator Chappelle-Nadal to Resign

Jefferson City, MO – The following is the statement of former Speaker Pro Tem and current Executive Director of United for Missouri, Carl Bearden calling for the resignation of Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

I have known Senator Chappelle-Nadal since she was first elected to the Missouri House in November 2003. She has always been a passionate representative and senator often going right up to the line of acceptability in her passion but never quite crossing it, until now.”

“An elected official is expected to be and do many things. One of those things is to take responsibility for their actions. Senator Chappelle-Nadal has crossed the line of ethical behavior with her public statement regarding the assassination of the President of the United States!”

“Senator Chappelle-Nadal should recognize her public words on social media, no matter if they were written in frustration or not, violates the public trust, demeans her office and makes her resignation mandatory. Only by resigning can she begin to restore her integrity and that of the office she now holds. She should resign immediately.”

Carl Bearden is a former member of the Missouri House of Representatives. He served as Budget Chair and Speaker Pro Tem during his terms in the House.

Bearden is the founder and Executive Director of United for Missouri, a grassroots organization committed to educating and mobilizing citizens. Its focus is on limited government, free market economic policy, and the impact of the federal government exceeding its Constitutional limits. United for Missouri promotes policies that prompt growth, opportunity and prosperity.