A week from today, the Electors in all 50 states will meet to cast their state’s Electoral votes. The Founders settled on a system that ensured that large states did not dominate the smaller states in determining the leader of the nation preventing the tyranny of the majority.

The system they developed that we know as the Electoral College provides that protection to the smaller states while acknowledging the larger population states giving them more electoral votes accordingly.

There’s a lot of confusion and disinformation about the the Electoral College. Some say it was devised because at the time it was developed, communications were lacking and travel times were long but it is now out dated. Some say we should be electing our President via the popular vote because that’s a more democratic way.

The Electoral College wasn’t set up because of difficult communications or travel times. And it certainly wasn’t set up because we were supposed to be a Democracy! The Founders abhorred democracy and did everything they could to make sure we did not become one!

Both of these and the many other reasons given for replacing the Electoral College are wrong! The intent of the Founders in establishing the Electoral College is just as valid today as when it was originally set up!

The United States of America is just that, a compilation of states that have determined to unite together. We are not 330 million people in one clump of land mass. We are 330 million living in 50 distinct states representing many different elements that come together as the United States.

The Founders embedded in the US Constitution many checks on the tyranny of the majority with the Electoral College being only one of them.

In the following presentation, we point out several of these impediments. We also explain the Electoral College, what it really does, why it works and works for all and why we should keep it.

We also give you a warning to be watchful of an effort known as the National Popular Vote (NPV) that seeks to essentially neuter the Electoral College by replacing it with the results of the national popular vote asserting the tyranny of the majority over the sovereignty of the states. The sad thing about it, the states will have agreed to have allowed it if it happens.

If you would like to have the presentation given to your group, contact us at Debbie@unitedformissouri.org to arrange it.