The citizens of St Charles County, most of whom live within municipal boundaries, overwhelming approved a Charter amendment to ban red light cameras everywhere in the county.  As we wrote in City Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Ban on Red Light Cameras! the voters of St Charles County approved Proposition Red Light by almost 73% vote.

Election Results

Alas, the Grinch (St Peters, O’Fallon, Lake St Louis and two citizens – one an alderman in O’Fallon and one the mayor of Dardenne Prairie) says the citizens didn’t know what they were doing and have sued their own citizens! Now that takes some chutzpah to sue your own citizens, 3 of 4 residents live in municipalities in the county, which means they will get to pay twice for the lawsuit. Once with their city taxes and again with the taxes they pay the County.

The lawsuit is faulty and will end up being decided in the voters’ favor. It’s too bad that the money grab represented by the red lights are such a powerful motivating factor!

Whether it’s the Grinch or old Mr. Potter, there always seems to be someone who doesn’t like it when the people have their say.  Merry Christmas to you too Mr. Potter!