United for Missouri (UFM) produces a scorecard each year. Many bills are sponsored every year, and fortunately, they don’t all pass.

UFM reviews the bills that pass the General Assembly, pass either the House or the Senate, and in some cases, amendments offered to all bills. Only recorded votes cast on the floor of either chamber are considered.

UFM reviews these bills in the light of limited government, fiscal, and Constitutional considerations. We acknowledge that in some cases, others can have varying opinions on these areas.

It is not the goal of the UFM Scorecard to be the final judge on legislators. Our purpose is to provide voters a baseline from which they might consider their elected officials record.

We encourage voters to review our scorecard and speak with their elected officials about why they voted the way they did. If the elected official convinces the voter that their reasoning was sound, it is up to the voter as to what action to take. This scorecard is a slight deviation from our recent ones.

We have experienced database problems that have still not been fully resolved. Normally, we would provide the bills we evaluated, and how each legislator voted on those bills on individual pages by legislator.

This year, there are two PDF files. You may have to magnify the House version more than the Senate, but all the information is present.

We had one House member, Rep. Dan Stacy, score 100%. Two other House members would likely have scored 100%, but they had an absence.

Here is the full House Scorecard.

Two Members of the Senate, Sen. Eric Burlison, and Sen. Bill Eigel scored 100%.

Here is the full Senate Scorecard.

We hope you find the scorecard useful. Let your legislators know you are watching!