In Scorecard Update: Veto Session, we provided the updated scores for legislators based on the evaluated bills that were taken up in veto session.  There was not much change in the Senate but lots of changes in the House.

Three senators increased their scores because they were able to vote on House Bill 722 during veto session but were absent during the vote on the bill during regular session. The Senate also voted to override House Bill 150 but every senator voted the same way as in regular session.

Senate Scorecard Comparison

Since regular session, two senators have resigned (Sen. Dempsey and Sen. Levota). Here’s the distribution of grades for both sessions.

           Veto Session                                                         Regular Session

A 4 11.8% A 4 11.8%
B 13 38.2% B 13 38.2%
C 5 14.7% C 5 14.7%
D 2 5.9% D 3 8.8%
F 8 23.5% F 9 26.5%

In the House, the biggest bill voted on during veto session was House Bill 116 – Freedom to Work. Sadly, it failed but in so doing, the issue catapulted into a position to pass sooner than later.

2015 House Scorecard VETO Comparison

The purpose of the scorecard is to let you know how your legislators are voting on important issues. They aren’t meant to condemn anyone but to provide constituents with as much knowledge as possible to talk with their legislators and ask them to explain any votes.

As their constituent, you hold the key and have the responsibility to hold your legislators accountable for their votes. Do not squander that opportunity.