Yesterday the Constitutionally mandated veto session took place. Three bills we scored during session were acted on during veto session. The scores have been updated to reflect those outcomes. The new summary scores (searchable by name, etc.) follow. The detail votes can be found at the end of the blog.

2015 House Scorecard Veto Update

2015 Senate Scorecard Veto Session Update

The biggest disappointment was the lack of recognition by so many Republican legislators that Missouri’s economy is stuck in the basement being beat by ALL of our surrounding states. Their failure to provide a tool to Missouri businesses and most of all to the workers of Missouri that would lead to boost to our economy and more opportunities and increased earnings to our workers.  Here are the Republicans who voted for the economic stagnation status quo for Missouri’s workers:

Linda Black

Kathie Conway

Kevin Corlew
Kevin Engler Sue Entlicher Paul Fitzwater
Elaine Gannon Ron Hicks Galen Higdon
Dave Hinson Bill Kidd Nick King
Bart Korman Jeanie Lauer John McCaherty
Shane Roden Becky Ruth Sheila Solon
Chrissy Sommer Anne Zerr

One Republican representative, TJ Berry, voted “Present” on the override. That vote was the same as NO as it took away from the 109 needed.

The good news is that five representatives (four Republicans and one Democrat) changed their votes to yes. They listened, they understood that Missouri’s workers deserved better!

Robert Cornejo

Courtney Curtis

Jim Neely

Randy Pietzman

Dan Shaul

Don’t think that’s the end of it though! The fight to bring an economic environment that is seeing two to three times the jobs created than forced union states see, twice the wage growth and more population by bringing employee freedom to Missouri is far from over. It’s a matter of “when” not “if”!

2015 House Scorecard Detail Veto Update

2015 Senate Scorecard Detail Veto Update