Springfield, Missouri – Yes on Question 1 – June 5, 2012

Dave Myers, Chairman of Live Free Springfield, explains what Question 1 is really about and it isn’t just smoking bans!

Mick Dunn, a Missouri Veteran, explains the impact of the Springfield Smoking Ban on veteran’s organizations and why it is an infringement on the liberties veterans served to protect!

Christian Hutson, co-owner of Just for Him, explains the negative impact of the Smoking Ban on his business and why government should not be infringing on the rights of businesses and consumers when it comes to legal products.

Ron Kinney and Emily Carroll, owners of Kinney Amusement and Vending Company, tell how government intrusion has negatively impacted their’s and many other family owned businesses in Springfield.

Will Scruggs, owner of Smoke 51 Outlet an e-cigarrette seller that recently received an exemption from the Springfield City Council, speaks to the fact it is not government’s role to pick winners and losers which the smoking ban clearly does.