I recently was provided a link to a write-up that St Peters has regarding Proposition Red Light Camera that will appear on the November 4th ballot in St Charles County. The information is riddled with conjecture if not outright inaccuracies about what could happen if the VOTERS of St Charles County ban red lights countywide.

The article is full of political hyperbole, suppositions, worse case scenarios etc. What is never said in the article is that all the bogey-man arguments they make ARE NOT contained in Proposition Red Light Camera.  What is never said in the article is that these things CANNOT happen WITHOUT voter approval in the future which means CITY residents would have to also approve them! The article is political mumbo jumbo in opposition to what is a common sense proposition.

But what struck me most was the blatant falsehood contained in their “graphic”. Here it is:

St Peters Stop SIgn Graphic

The graphic falsely insinuates that Proposition Red Light Camera will give the County the authority if they choose to use it to remove stop signs in St Peters.  The statement on the graphic is categorically, unquestionably FALSE! I don’t know who is responsible for it but they should lose their job for it.

If approved by voters, Proposition Red Light Camera ONLY prohibits the use of automated traffic enforcement systems, i.e. red light cameras, speed cameras, etc. Traffic control systems are stop signs, the actual red lights, etc.  Proposition Red Light Camera DOES NOT give the County control over ANY city’s traffic control systems whatsoever.  Here’s the language of Proposition Red Light Camera:

Proposition Red Light Camera

Shall the St. Charles County Charter be amended to add a Section 10.130 reading:

“10.130. Automated Traffic Enforcement Systems. Notwithstanding any other provision of this St. Charles County Charter, red light cameras or similar photograph devices or automated traffic enforcement systems may not be used in enforcing traffic regulations adopted by St. Charles County or by any municipality within St. Charles County that prohibit drivers from entering intersections when controlled by red traffic lights, and no such municipality may exercise the legislative power to use such cameras or devices or systems. This prohibition is the only limit imposed by this Charter on the County or any municipality within it in performing their functions of regulating traffic and imposes no additional costs that need to be financed.” (emphasis added)

YES ___     NO ___

INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS: If you are in favor of the question, darken the oval opposite “Yes”. If you are opposed to the question, darken the oval opposite “No”.

That’s ALL of the proposed amendment language. The last sentence CLEARLY states nothing but automated traffic enforcement systems are covered under the amendment.

Someone in St Peters owes the residents of their city an apology for this falsely provided information. I think that buck has to stop at the mayor’s desk.

I recommend everyone email Mayor Len Pagano and request he issue an apology for letting this false information be published and demand he order it corrected immediately.

The Mayor’s email is: LPagano@stpetersmo.net.

While you’re at it, cc the members of the St Peters Board of Aldermen too:

Dave Thomas


Rocky Reitmeyer


Judy Bateman


Jerry Hollingsworth


Tommy Roberts


Terri Violet


Don Aytes


Patrick Barclay