Martin Luther King, Jr during "I have a dream" speech

Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth this weekend.  Oh the mass hysteria from the left about Americans gathering on the Anniversary of MLK’s “I had a dream” speech.  The left, for all their talk about “tolerance” sure doesn’t know how to be tolerant, unless you agree them of course!

In case you haven’t heard, hundreds of thousands of Americans gathered at the Lincoln Memorial (with the crowd stretching all the way to the Washington Monument) to celebrate a new Awakening and to honor those who have served us in the military.  In typical liberal/progressive fashion, it didn’t matter what was said as truth is the first casualty in the liberal/progressive war on those who disagree with them.  No, what was more important was attacking the convener, Glen Beck, messengers like Alveda King and the hundreds of thousands of Americans of all colors who attended as not just being racists (a term that has lost its meaning and affect from misapplication by liberal/progressives) but of being the equivalent of KKK members.

The comments of the likes of Rev Fauntroy who called those gathered the equivalent of the KKK did more to besmirch Martin Luther King’s words than anything Beck or those in attendance could have ever thought to do.  Fauntroy, Sharpton and their liberal/progressive troops have lost sight of the “dream”.

They claim to be the sole “heirs” of the dream and that no one else can possibly possess it like they can.

No one else can possibly understand it like they do. And, no one else should dare even speak of it except in their deluded, dysfunctional version.

They may be able to repeat the words of the speech, but they have forgotten and certainly do not represent or carry on the vision of it.

They have fallen prey to the thing Dr. King warned them about:

But there is something that I must say to my people who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice. In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. (emphasis added)

Rather than join together to fight to correct real injustice to all no matter the color of the skin, these deficient keepers of the dream artificially create injustice and indignity as necessary to benefit themselves showing that they have ignored Dr. King’s admonition to not drink of that bitter cup.  Why? Why would those who walked with Dr. King, who claim to be heir of his dream, ignore the straightforward vision of the “dream”?

One can only surmise as we look at the propagators of such maliciousness and judgement of other peoples’ motives rather than their actions that it is self-interest that drives them and not the “dream”.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, economist or genius to see how those who are supposedly the “keepers” of the “dream” have prospered in so doing.  If they had prospered really keeping the “dream” alive, causing a rising tide that lifts all boats, we would all say “more power to them!”  Unfortunately, they have prospered by dangling the “dream” as a carrot on a stick, enriching themselves in the process and leaving crumbs for those who should be the real heirs of the “dream”!

Some will disagree with this assessment and I say fine, they have the right to be wrong. Some may say, “so what, if they are only affecting those who are foolish enough to follow them. What’s the big deal?”

The problem is that through their selfish actions, they create false dissensions rather than deal with real problems that we as Americans need to work together to solve to see the “dream” fully realized.

The problem is that through their selfish actions, they seek to enrich themselves not only through thinly veiled blackmail actions but through big government programs.  These big government programs don’t improve peoples’ lives, they merely extend their time of travail and most often insure that the full realization of the “dream” is unachievable. For if the “dream” is unachievable, then “they” are needed even more.

Martin Luther King’s “I had a dream” speech is still powerful and can be effective today.  It’s to bad that too many who claim to represent it only represent their selfish interests.