House Bill 1858 is a big government mandate!

House Bill 1858, titled “establishes a minimum biodiesel fuel content mandate for diesel fuel sold or offered for sale in Missouri,” is on the House calendar for perfection. 

We at United for Missouri have no reason to believe that the bill is not well-intentioned, but maintain it is wrong for Missouri and the nation.

This mandate will drive up costs for your constituents at almost every level. 

Costs will rise at the grocery store for foods that use soybeans as an ingredient or in pet foods and other consumer products, All of these things and more will be competing with the need for more soybeans to meet the biodiesel mandate.

The result will be driving up costs for just about everything! 

While driving up costs for constituents is bad enough, expanding the overreach of government is another reason to vote against HB 1858. Government mandates seldom have, if ever produced, the outcomes desired. They have often resulted in unintended consequences and interfere with the free market and the competitive pricing that results from it.

United for Missouri asks you to join us in OPPOSING HB 1858. United for Missouri will be scoring the bill if it comes to a vote.