Jefferson City, MO – United for Missouri announces the release of the Missouri General Assembly Scorecard for the 2019 Legislative Session.

The United for Missouri 2019 Legislative scorecard is located at

“United for Missouri’s Scorecard was created with the constituent in mind. How can a person hold their state legislator’s feet to the fire if they do not know how they are performing in Jefferson City? Our scorecard provides voters important information that they can use to hold their legislators accountable,” said Carl Bearden, CEO.

United for Missouri generally grades fiscal and limited government issues. This year, United for Missouri included two additional bills for comparison sake.

Bearden continued, “Every year we grade a series of good government key votes in the Missouri Legislature that pertain to taxes, free-market economics, and freedom itself. Many claim that because they vote pro-life and pro-gun, they are conservatives. That’s not necessarily the case.”

“We’re not trying to set ourselves up as the final arbiters of all things conservative, but we are trying to honestly call balls and strikes to give you an authentic gauge of your legislator’s governing philosophy based on their voting record. That’s why we provided the votes on House Bill 126 (pro-life) and Senate Bill 275 (multi-subject bill violating the Constitution). They provide contrast for the other votes graded on our scorecard.”

Now it’s the voters’ turn. Use this information as an opportunity to reach out and get to know your state legislator to ask them why they voted the way they did.

The United for Missouri 2019 Legislative scorecard is located at