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United for Missouri Supports Federal Tax Reform. Says there is more to be done.


Saint Charles, Missouri – Today CEO Carl Bearden issued a statement on this week’s historic federal tax reform legislation.


“I congratulate and thank President Donald J. Trump and the Congress for achieving this week’s historic tax reform legislation. The bill is a good start. It addresses much needed tax relief for the middle class who are the main beneficiaries. It also addresses our non-competitive corporate tax rates making it likely that money that is currently kept overseas will be brought home and invested in America. Many areas could have been better such as the individual tax cuts with no expiration date, elimination of many more deductions, and reining in the Government’s spending problem. That said, we are happy with these first step results.” Said Carl Bearden, CEO of United for Missouri.


On Wednesday, Congress passed tax reform legislation sending it to President Trump’s desk. The American left-wing has been predicting calamity with great hyperbole if tax reform passed. The opposite has occurred. In fact, AT&T immediately announced that it will award $1,000.00 in special bonuses because of tax reform’s passage. That is real money in the lives of the almost 9,000 Missouri-based AT&T eligible employees. Other companies expressed similar plans. President Trump described the tax reform legislation as a Christmas present to the American people, and it is being reported that he will sign it into law on January 3, 2018.


“United for Missouri will continue working toward additional tax reforms that address the items that were left on the table. In politics and in the hard business of governing passing meaningful legislation is more about the art of the possible. As a former legislator, I have the utmost respect for my colleagues that are tasked with that great responsibility. As an organization we will continue to uphold the high standard of American conservatism and carry the tax relief and spending cut fights forward with the help of our 80,000 members. There is no reason to wait another 30 years. The time is now.”


United for Missouri is a long-established nonprofit 501(c)4 conservative policy advocacy and legislative accountability group committed to economic freedom. Its offices are in Saint Charles and Jefferson City, Missouri.