Stand up for the free-market, and your right to use, give away or resell your tickets however you choose.


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Not All Attacks on Private Property Rights Come from Government!


Most of the time when we think about attacks on our property rights it’s usually regarding some action government has taken. Today I am writing you about an effort being under taken by the largest ticket seller in the country (Ticketmaster) and many venues and entertainers who seek to “rent” you a ticket to events rather than sell you a ticket you own.


If you’re like me, when you purchase a ticket you believe you own that ticket and have the right to use, give away or resell it as you may choose. Ticketmaster is leading the charge to change “ownership” or property rights to the tickets you purchase resulting in you simply “renting” the ticket.  The effort is called restricted ticketing.  It’s not right and we should not allow them to get away with it here in Missouri.


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Restricted, or credit-card-entry, tickets replace traditional tickets and require fans to present the purchasing credit card and matching photo ID to gain admittance to an event and are nontransferable. This makes it nearly impossible for fans to give away or resell credit-card-entry tickets. The Show-Me Institute has a good video demonstrating the issue. Click here to watch the video.


HB 939 is a bipartisan bill introduced in the Missouri House that would protect Missouri’s fans from vendors selling non-transferrable tickets. HB 9393 will ensure that all fans have the option of buying a transferable ticket.


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Think about when you buy software.  You are purchasing a “license” to use that software just as you purchase a “license” (ticket) to attend an event. You don’t own the software but you do own the license to use it just as you own the ticket license you purchase. Until you install that software you can give it away or sell it as you wish.  Ticketmaster and others are changing our ownership rights to the tickets we purchase and that’s simply wrong!

When you buy a ticket you own it.  You should be able to choose where and how you resell your ticket and at what price. Ticketmaster, venues and artists should not be allowed to control what you do with your ticket after you buy it.


Click here to urge your Lawmakers to vote Yes on HB 939


You may be saying, ‘I don’t buy tickets to concerts or other events so why should I care?’ The reason you should care is that any attack on our rights to ownership whether by government or big business is an attack on all of us. We should not stand by when such attacks are taking place just because they don’t affect us. This attack may not affect you but the next one might. We are all stronger when we stand together for what is right!


Please stand up for Missouri’s fans and the free market against this big business intrusion on our property rights.


Click here to urge your Lawmakers to vote Yes on HB 939 



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