We need your voice to be heard IMMEDIATELY!


Our U.S. Term Limits resolution (SCR14) is coming up next week on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 and is only 3 votes away from passing.


Now we need your help!


You can make a difference by taking five minutes to pick up the phone and call the following legislators. Thank them for supporting US Term Limits!



Special Committee on Government Oversight DISTRICT PHONE
Brattin, Rick 55 573-751-3783 Chair
Moon, Mike 157 573-751-4047 Vice-Chair
Merideth, Peter 80 573-751-6736 Ranking Minority Member
Bangert, Gretchen 69 573-751-5365
Barnes, Jerome 28 573-751-9851
Brown, Wanda 57 573-751-3971
Christofanelli, Phil 105 573-751-2949
Fitzwater, Paul 144 573-751-2112
Hill, Justin 108 573-751-3572
Messenger, Jeffrey 130 573-751-2381
Mitten, Gina 83 573-751-2883
Taylor, Jered 139 573-751-3833
Toalson Reisch, Cheri 44 573-751-1169


Be nice. Be polite. Be professional but make sure they know you support Term Limits for Congress and that you would appreciate their YES vote to move the bill forward!


Our mission here at United for Missouri is to keep all Missourians educated and engaged so YOU can make a difference especially when government exceeds its intended functions and limits.  For example, here’s an educational PowerPoint that dispels many of the myths being promulgated by opponents, Article V Process.

We thank you in advance for your continued engagement!


And if you haven’t signed the petition in support of Congressional Term Limits you can do so now by clicking here!