Today the General Assembly meets in the Constitutionally mandated veto session. Every bill and budget line item veto will be subject to override.

The Governor has spent a lot of time going around the state seeking support for what he calls #FridayFavors. His contention is that hundreds of millions of dollars in tax cuts were given to businesses at the expense of education (his favorite whipping horse), seniors and other state expenditures.  As usual his sycophants in the education community fell right in line without doing anything to educate themselves on what the Governor was saying. If they had, they would once again know that he was making fools out of them.

The so-called #FridayFavors don’t benefit businesses. Almost everyone of them benefit individual taxpayers — you and me. Almost if not all of them deal with sales taxes. Sales taxes are not paid by businesses they are paid by individual consumers. In almost every case, the sales taxes that were eliminated were not sales taxes authorized by the general assembly nor by a vote of the people but solely by bureaucrat fiat!

Local governments have jumped on the anti-veto override wagon as well. They are concerned about losing their ill-gotten gain from these bureaucratically imposed sales taxes. They should be ashamed! But, like the educrats that’s not likely to happen.

The legislature should override every sales tax bill they passed. The people of the state should not be taxed by bureaucrats.