If you didn’t watch President Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) address last night you’re not alone. More people watch the Super Bowl, at least the commercials, than tune in to the President’s annual “it’s everybody else’s fault but mine — here take this from them” address!

Tonight it is Governor Jay Nixon’s turn. He will be delivering the State of the State (SOTS). It’s similar to the SOTU — more Missourians will have watched the last Mizzou bowl game than will even think about tuning in to the SOTS. It’s also similar in that Wrong Way Jay will propose things he knows cannot and should not happen but will make him appear to be a “man of the people”.  In two long years he will be!

Tell Wrong Way Jay and your legislators that taxpayer funds should be spent on essential services not pretty stadiums by clicking here.


For example, the early reports indicate he will call for more education spending. The legislature has appropriated record amounts of spending on education but Wrong Way Jay has withheld education appropriations EVERY year. Here is what state budget committees are hearing about Wrong Way Jay and his budget (click here to read article):

A theme quickly emerged Tuesday as a Senate committee heard public testimony on next year’s budget: Gov. Jay Nixon won’t even give us the money we were promised this year.

Regardless of the department or the topic, it was as if the complaints were on repeat:

• The governor still is withholding $500,000 appropriated to Sheltered Workshops, which helps disabled individuals work toward normal living.

• The governor still is withholding $1 million appropriated for Parents as Teachers, which teaches skills such as parenting and education to people with young children.

• The governor still is withholding $1.5 million appropriated to cybercrimes task forces, which investigate people committing or attempting to commit sex crimes against children.

The Governor’s defenders point to the fact that the budget is tight and the Governor has to make sure it’s balanced. That is true. But what he decides to withhold is a matter of his priorities — or not.

The same article reports “But next year’s budget could be tight. The state currently is on track to fall short of the revenue needed to balance this year’s operating budget and to finance planned capital projects.” Which begs a question,

If revenues to fund essential services are coming in short WHY does Wrong Way Jay insist on funding a new NFL football stadium in St. Louis?


Every dollar is from general revenue. Every dollar spent on the current bonds — $12 million by the state — could be spent on ESSENTIAL services not stadiums regardless of who or what plays there! Unfortunately, the state taxpayers have been obligated and must fulfill the current bond payment requirements.  Taxpayers ARE NOT and SHOULD NOT be obligated to additional bond payments on a new stadium!

If they have enough taxpayer money to spend on pretty football/soccer stadiums they obviously have too much of it! Tell Wrong Way Jay and your legislators that taxpayer funds should be spent on essential services not stadiums by clicking here.  After all, YOU WILL PAY FOR IT!