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Here, you will find information regarding the expenditures and activities of the Nixa R-II school board.  Expenditures and activities using YOUR money and now they want more!



(Springfield, MO) – United for Missouri has over 76,000 grassroots members statewide. Many of our members are in Southwest Missouri and a large number in the Springfield/Nixa area. We were contacted by a member who expressed concern about the bond issue. We had recently reviewed the Auditor’s report on bonding. Nixa had participated in 3 no-bid bond issuances according to the Auditor’s report. We believed our member request identified a legitimate issue.

United for Missouri did not advocate a “Yes” or “No” vote. We simply educated on the issues.

We stand by the educational facts contained in our mailers. We will continue to monitor fiscal issues in the Nixa R-II school district, especially whether or not they responsibly bid out the bonding passed by their voters or whether they take the no-bid route again.

Our members are concerned about responsible spending at all levels of government. They believe that whether it’s the school district, city or some other “trusted” entity, someone should be asking questions about these expenditures. None of these entities are above questioning or should avoid answering questions asked by their patrons and voters.

The issues we raised in our mailers are fair and accurate. Most of them remain to be addressed by the Nixa R-II School Board.

  • High administrative salaries and benefits compared to Christian County households,
  • Use of no-bid contracts and the associated cost to Nixa R-II taxpayers. We know the practice has cost taxpayers statewide $43 million, and
  • The common practice of bonding companies contributing to local organizations supporting the bond issue because the school district and companies cannot directly advocate a “Yes” vote.

Sadly, the school district chose not to address the first two issues raised in our mailers in their defensive response. They did chose to provide contradictory and inaccurate information on last issue in the list.

Taxpayers of the Nixa R-II School District deserve to know why their superintendent is paid more than three times the average household salary of Christian County families plus some very nice benefits. The superintendent makes more than the Governor of the state of Missouri.

Recent studies have shown that a lot of money is being spent in central offices in school districts significantly reducing the amount of money available for the classroom. In their response, the district failed to tell their taxpayers why it is necessary to have such high salaries.

The district failed to respond to the issue of the no-bid contracts other than saying they did nothing illegal. There was never an accusation of illegal activity in our mailers. The question is why does the board use the no-bid process? How much does it cost the taxpayers of Nixa R-II to use this approach? Will they use a no-bid contract approach to issue the new bonds?

Taxpayers of Nixa R-II have the right to ask and know the answers to these and other accountability issues. The school board has the responsibility to respond in more than defensive answers that provide no answers.

Education is a lifelong process. United for Missouri will continue to assist our members and all Missourians to understand what is happening with their tax dollars in Nixa and around the state.




Are you aware that the Nixa R-II school board has approved a contract for the superintendent that is more than 3x the average Christian County household income?

He gets paid more than the Governor and gets some great benefits!

Nixa School Board spending your tax dollars


Springfield News-Leader Exposes Nixa R-II Misleading Claims

As you might expect, the education establishment in Missouri and in Nixa are not too keen on the fact that information is being provided to the voters of Nixa R-II School District that those voters may not have been aware of before. The response? The district has taken a defensive posture claiming the information is misleading. Problem is – it’s not!

The Springfield News-Leader ran an article on the issue when it was brought to their attention. They received a press release from the district regarding the alleged misleading information. The News-Leader did not find the information misleading but did find apparent incorrect information in the district press release.

School officials in Nixa say PAC fliers misleading

As the News-Leader reports, Nixa R-II is a part of the the State Auditor’s report of schools who cost taxpayers’ money by using no bid contracts. The information in the flyers is true. It may not be information that the Nixa R-II School Administration wants you to know and especially don’t want you to believe the facts.


Best Interest of Taxpayer?

In addition to high compensation awards, the Nixa R-II school board has chosen to “no bid” bond projects.  A state auditors report, General Obligation Bond Sales Practices, indicates that such practices such as those used by the Nixa R-II school board has costs taxpayers $43 million. The St Louis Post-Dispatch has a story about just one of the bond agents.

You will be receiving more information about Nixa’s record on no-bid contracts soon. You should also be aware that the Nixa R-II school board will likely start making claims that this is misinformation. If they do, it will not be the bond information you will be provided that is misinformation. It would be the defense of such actions.


United for Missouri has nearly 76,000 members statewide. A large portion of our members reside in SWMO and in the Nixa school district. Our members are concerned about responsible spending. They believe that whether it’s the school district, city or some other “trusted” entity, someone should be asking questions about these expenditures. There are a lot of questions to be asked.




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