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Ballot Issues for November 6th

Tuesday is the long awaited day. Lots of time, sweat, tears and dollars all come to bear as most voting Americans go to the polls to determine the course of our country and state. United for Missouri does not endorse candidates but the choices nationally and statewide are clear.

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First Place Trophies are Bigger!

The on-line Wall Street Journal has an excellent review of the various tax reform measures going on in the Midwest (The Heartland Tax Rebellion). The editorial emphasizes what we have been saying – we are in a race with our neighbors (Kansas and Oklahoma) to create an environment through tax reform that will stimulate our economy and create jobs. We want the first place trophy!

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Just the Facts Ma’am – Part II

Just as many people think Sgt Joe Friday always said, “Just the facts ma’am” although he never said it, opponents of tax reform, the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act use phrases and information that “sound” like they ought to be so but really aren’t. We recapped a few of those in Just the Facts Ma’am – Part I.

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Just the Facts Ma’am – Part I

It was sad reading of the passing of Harry Morgan. I really liked him as Colonel Potter and think I’ve seen some Pete and Gladys episodes somewhere. For my favorite character, I’m torn between Colonel Potter and Officer Bill Gannon. The Gannon role was a good balance to Sgt Joe Friday (Jack Webb) but was always in agreement with that famous phrase, “just the facts, ma’am”. Well, at least he would have been if Sgt Friday had ever actually said it.

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